Thursday, June 7, 2007

Summer Trainings in Biosciences in India - I

I find a lot of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Biochemistry,Microbiology and Biotechnology are looking for good institutes where they can learn experimental techniques or do a short research project during summer.

Hence I take up this task of compiling this list.The list includes both research institutes and bio companies offering summer training. I wish the students do the following

1.Identify your interest area.

2.Do some reading on the research works of the investigators of the institute.

3.Have an idea of what you propose to do,if you are given an opportunity

4.It is good you approach these institutions well in advance or look for their postings on their webpages.

Here is the list (with links)

Indian academy of sciences,Bangalore
IAS,Bangalore offers summer research fellowships for teachers and students .You have to choose a lab and a professor ,write a proposal to get selected. Announcements for which will appear during January of every year in Current science journal.

Jawarhalal Nehru centre for advanced scientific research Bangalore

Offers both short term programmes and summer research fellowships.The announcement for these fellowships appear in the media and on our website in October/ November every year.

Centre for cellular and Molecular Biology,Hyderabad
Offers fellowships for summer students.The placement is highly competitve.Look out for the announcement during dec/jan every year.

Centre for DNA fingerprinting and diagnostics,Hyderabad
has a seperate programme for summer research fellowships.

Central Drug Research Institute,Lucknow
Offers training programme for students.Application for which has to be sent in Feb-Mar for summer and in June -July for winter programmes.

Cancer Institute,Adyar,Chennai.
They do not have a seperate summer training programme.But you can contact researchers well in advance.There are departments of molecular oncology,bioengineering,medical physics
,radiation oncology,molecular microbiology and immnology.

Tuberculosis research centre,Chennai
It is a WHO colloborating centre for TB research and training.Con,tact the department heads and researchers.

M.S.Swaminathan research foundation,Chennai

MSSRF is doing research in the following areas: Coastal Systems Research Biodiversity
Biotechnology ,Ecotechnology ,Food Security ,Information, Education and Communication
Special Projects